the tempeh man

authentic homemade Indonesian tempeh

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To introduce the delights of this little known yet wonderful food to a wider audience...  we opened a street food stall on Leather Lane Market in 2014 under the name Warung Tempeh. This was a difficult name to remember for those unfamiliar with Indonesia so I quickly became known across East London as simply, The Tempeh Man.

And we can still be found on Leather Lane every Thursday and Friday Lunchtime serving our delicious homemade tempeh in two tasty dishes, cooked  fresh on our stall each morning  see our menu for details

It was love at frst sight (well... taste) when I first sampled tempeh as a young man living in Indonesia in the 1990's . However, the poor quality of tempeh to be found back in the UK regularly disappointed  so in 2013 I decided to remedy this situation...  and to ensure that our tempeh would be comparable to the best in Indonesia spent several months in Java (in 2013) studying with some of the country's finest tempeh producers, closely observing their techniques and processes. And I'm proud to claim that we're now able to make authentic tempeh comparible to the best found in Indonsia, thanks to our helpful mentors in Java!

All our tempeh is organic and is made according to traditional methods, using only Rhizopus Oligosporus (a starter culture traditionally formed on hibiscus leaves) which gives tempeh its amazing health benefits...       why is tempeh so good for us?


...and though we make our tempeh according to traditional methods, we also ensure that we adhere carefully to modern commercial hygiene standards and have been awarded the highest possible Food Hygiene Rating from the UK's Food Standards Agency.

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